Our Style

Most people think of Filipino martial arts as purely weapons based systems. The double stick work with Dan Inosanto in Bruce Lee’s game of Death, Jeff Imada’s Stick & dagger work in Big Trouble in Little China, and Tom Kier’s incredible choreography on The Hunted with Benicio Del Toro and Tommy Lee Jones have done wonders in exposing the weapons aspects of the Filipino martial arts. Unfortunately, the empty hands skills of Arnis have not received the same exposure. While seen in movies such as the Born Supremacy most people will not recognize the Filipino Martial arts as having a well rounded system of empty hand skills. Our style Combat/Modern Arnis, not only includes all The traditional weapons of Arnis, solo baston ( single stick), doble baston ( double stick), espada y daga (sword/stick and dagger) and baraw (knife), but also contains a complete system of empty hand skills in all ranges of combat ( striking, kicking, trapping, grappling).

Combat/ Modern Arnis was taught to us by Grand Master Bram Frank. GM Bram Frank is the 2007 Black Belt Magazine hall of fame weapons instructor of the year. He is also the creator of the ground breaking self defense tool the “Gunting”. A teachers teacher. He founded Combat Arnis with the blessing of his teacher Professor Remy Presas. He teaches his art through his organization CSSD/SC (Common Sense Self Defense/ Street Combat). An organization of which we’re proud members. Bram’s martial arts career began in 1965 with the study of the Chinese arts of Hung Gar and Wing Chun Kung fu. In 1980 he met his greatest mentor the Late Remy Presas.

Professor Remy Presas established Modern Arnis in 1957 after a lifetime of study of the Filipino martial arts. His training began at the age of five with his Grand Father Leon Presas, who taught him the Presas family system as well as the ocho-ocho and palis-palis systems. The Presas family system was battle tested in the Filipines during World War II by Jose Presas, Remy Presas’ father, a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army and trainer of the famed bolo battalions. After mastering his family system, while still a teenager, Remy Presas set out to further his studies of Arnis. A journey that would find him a student at the famed Balintawak Arnis Club, under the tutelage of Masters Timoteo Marranga and Rodolfo Moncal and finally under Grand Master Venacio Bacon.

Under the leadership of GM Venacio Bacon, popularly known as the Mozart of Arnis, the Balintawak Arnis Club became a driving force in Filipino martial culture. Because of this reputation many rivalries arose. These rivalries often found Remy Presas as the champion taking on any and all challengers in vicious, no holds barred challenge matches. As he matured he realized that the violence he experienced was no way to live and found other ways to pursue and perfect his beloved Arnis. It was then that he managed to get Arnis into the department of education in the Filipines.

Unknown to many was that the Professor while totally committed to Arnis,still cross trained in other martial arts. Earning black belts in Karate and Judo. His martial expertise along with his training as an educator, made him the perfect ambassador of Arnis. He is also one of the greatest seminar presenters the martial arts world has ever known. A fact that got him inducted in the very prestigious Black Belt Magazine hall of fame, not once, but twice. Once in 1988 as instructor of the year and again in 1994 as weapons expert the year.

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