Our Style Combat/Modern Arnis includes all the traditional weapons of Arnis, solo baston (single stick), doble baston (double stick), espada y daga (sword/stick and dagger), and baraw (knife). Combat/Modern Arnis also contains a comprehensive empty hand system including skills in all ranges of combat. In our classes, we usually teach all skills simultaneously. We can do this, because of the conceptual nature of our art. Fighting is fighting, regardless of the tool used whether it is stick, knife or empty hands. Because of specific demand, we may at times, offer courses focusing on specific parts of our curriculum. For example, we may be approached by a group that doesn’t wish to learn about weapons, but would like empty hand skills, or maybe someone would like to cross train in Dumog (Filipino grappling). Below we’ve included some of these course offerings:


Mano y mano is the hand and foot fighting methods of Arnis. It includes both open hand and fist striking methods . Also included in the upper body arsenal are, elbow strikes and head butts. But probably one of the most interesting features of mano y mano is the use of guntings, literally translated to scissors. These are the limb destructions that have become so famous (or infamous) in the Filipino martial arts. Of course, we also have the standard array of kicks common to many martial arts. However, we also have a series of low line, leg destroying kicks, as well as base disruptions designed to trip, sweep or throw our opponents.


Because of the growing popularity of grappling, we are frequently approached to teach the grappling aspect of Arnis, commonly known as dumog. Arnis provides us with a complete arsenal of grappling skills. Dumog is not limited to take downs and ground grappling, but also contains stand up grappling skills such as, standing chokes, clinching, arm bars, shoulder cranks, upper and lower body throws, wrist locks and more. We have students that have enjoyed great success in tournaments (N.A.G.A. & Grappler’s Quest). However, dumog is not limited to sports grappling. We also teach those skills that are useful to self defense. Those skills considered to be fouls in tournaments, which include, finger locks (and breaks), eye gouging, pressure points and biting. While we would never advocate the use of fouls during friendly competition, but you can certainly see their usefulness in life and death combat.

The following course offerings while not directly Combat/ Modern Arnis have become an indispensable part of our tool box.


This is our streamlined self defense system. Here, we address modern self defense concerns. Among the skills taught will be, home defense, avoiding and defending against muggings, rape and kidnap escapes, multiple opponents scenarios, gun and knife defense, protection of Third parties, awareness, avoidance and de-escalation strategies, as well as the use of less than lethal devices (i.e. pepper spray). Also taught will be the use of Bram Frank’s “The Gunting” a state of the art self preservation tool, that must be seen (and felt) to be appreciated. Because of our affiliations with CSSD/SC (Common Sense Self Defense/ Street Combat), OPS (Options for Personal Security), and Omega Tactical Resources, we are truly on the cutting edge of modern self defense and tactical training. Consider this course your choice for practical self defense solutions in the new millennium.


The term juego todo literally translated means, we’ll play anything, and was commonly associated with the challenge (a.k.a. death matches) common at one time in the Filipines. Well, were are not about issuing challenges. We truly believe in the one earth tribe, brotherhood of man thing. We, however are all about friendly competition and cross training. This course is our answer to mixed martial arts. Special thanks for their immense contribution in this aspect of our curriculum go out to the following individuals:
Renshi Glen Melhman (Shuri- Goju & Jujitsu), Sifu Rudy Lams (IMB), Sifu Dwight Woods (JKD, Kali- Silat, Muay Thai), Isidro Alfonso (former Cuban national wrestling and Sambo coach), Bernardo “Kid” Soto (former WBA world boxing champion & olympic gold medalist) & Sensei Juan Collazo (BJJ).


Pahimsug is a Filipino word for exercise or calisthenics. It is the name We’ve given to our warrior fitness curriculum. Originally it was the supplementary exercises of Arnis. General and sports specific exercises aimed at improving our martial practice. Over time through training, cross training and research we’ve learned a great deal about indigenous FMA exercises, practical fitness, and program design. This lead to our Pahimsug curriculum growing from our sports specific exercise and warm ups to a real world generally applicable holistic exercise program. If you want to get fit, strong, or develop great endurance then Pahimsug is for you. If you want to expand your mind body connection Pahimsug is for you. Don’t care about martial arts but wish to exercise in a fun and practical way Pahimsug is still for you!


In 2009 the Miami Arnis Group will be offering a variety of firearms related classes. Included among the course offerings will be Defensive Pistol, Home Defense Shotgun, Integrated Force Options(weapons retention, gun disarms and integrated hand to hand), and Point Blank Pistol Craft(extreme close range shooting). These courses will be addressed as seminars either live fire at the range or using airsoft in the classroom environment.

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